The Fairly Odd Parents, Cosmo and Wanda are fixed the highly burning odd job of look completed Timmy in the fun children's drawing called after them. The animatronics exhibit is the 2nd utmost touristy kids wittiness on Nickelodeon, upcoming in losing Sponge Bob Square Pants. It's enormously grassroots among kids for the fun, foolish adventures that Timmy gets into with his Fairly Odd Parents.

Cosmo and Wanda were allotted to product Timmy cheerful by granting his wishes and serving him concord beside more than a few of his adversaries such as as, Norm the Genie, Vicky the Babysitter, Francis the arts school neat and Mr. Crocker Timmy's educationalist who too happens to be besotted next to communicable a live leprechaun. Unfortunately the two relatively odd parents are a midget bit klutzy and don't always give in Timmy's wishes in the way he'd suchlike.

Cosmo is the one who tends to get holding messed up for each person and Wanda his unstable partner has to thieve support of repair the technical hitches. They ever revisit belongings to median by the end of the happening and everyone, but for Timmy's adversaries, is elated with the consequence. It can be same that supreme of the event charming is nearly new to rescue the conflicts that were repeatedly caused in the basic location by wizard. The two somewhat odd parents will color themselves in front of other relations as diverse animals and objects, because their existence is designed to be unprofessed.

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Interestingly the moving picture wasn't markedly touristed it's eldest year, but the ordinal period and on it picked up a lot of fans, both kids and adults. Many kids esteem to have the Fairly Odd Parents as their bicentenary jamboree theme, next to those characteristic wispy rose-pink and playground colours conspicuous by Wanda and Cosmo. The gala has had a made for tv moving picture and several time unit long-lasting specials, but it was cancelled as of July 2006. Though it's inactive in reruns.

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