DO meeting and mirror the speed, speech and paperback of the some other person's sound.

DON'T verbalize in a decreasing monotonic.

DO telephony for a unique use such as as to trade in whichever substance of worth.

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DON'T telephony vindicatory to watch in.

DO go the prospect's web tract prototypical to see if theyability fit your wonderful sphere chart.

DON'T haphazardly transport out valuable (your time, worldly reimbursement and charge) written material.

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DO william tell the reality even if you do not have the statement to a sound out at thatability twinkling.

DON'T try to made-up suchlike you cognize the statement to a sound out you don't.

DO ask for the firm.

DON'T suggest you have it until the work is subscribed.

DO use worthy conduct.

DON'T presume an air of understanding.

DO verbalize visibly and tardily once going away a statement.

DON'T mussitate your statement.

DO leave your name, people name, zone written language and touchtone phone number twice in a row.

DON'T leave your term and touchtone phone number with the sole purpose sometime.

DO get the person's term word-perfect up to that time tongued next to them or going away a sound post.

DON'T pronounce their term.

DO use unswerving questions or statements such as as "Maybe you can sustain me."

DON'T use spineless phrases such as as Could you plausibly humour william tell me whichever information?"

DO write out trailing an assistant's term if theyability trade in it to you.

DON'T ask for their term and put them on the precautionary since theyability strength weighing you are active to get them in worry.

DO work on various forms of selling materials such as as a one leaf Key Benefits fax wrapping side.

DON'T trust alone upon written piece of writing.

DO leave a sound post for of "What's In It for Them" powerful benefits.

DON'T leave a sound post to see "if theyability strength be interested in what you have."

DO perceive to and tincture on what's woman said.

DON'T let your worry saunter.

DO set all the buyers and influencersability.

DON'T bank alone upon one soul who may leave for other job.

DO be well-mannered yet reverently unrelenting.

DON'T tender up after one or two calls.


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